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 25-year-old policeman in Clarendon had to seek refuge when he was caught in a comprising position with the wife of a taxi driver.

Sources close to the incident told THE Jamaica STAR that the policeman and the 45-year-old woman had been in a relationship for over a year before the taxi driver made the discovery.

According to the source the relationship had started after the wife had reported a domestic dispute with her husband. The husband was said to have been arrested because of the incident.


Following the incident the policeman is said to have taken ‘special’ interest in the couple and became good friends with the taxi man.

“When the husband was on the road, the policeman was man a yard,” the source said.

Reports are however that the taxi man eventually heard rumours about his wife’s infidelity but was still in doubt.

Eventually after being ridiculed about it, the taxi driver is said to have decided to go home unexpectedly to make his own checks.

On entering the house the husband is said to have heard his wife giggling and moaning in the dining room. The taxi man is said to have rushed inside the house where he saw his wife and the policeman in a compromising position. Sources said the taxi man rushed after them and the policeman fled the scene to the police station leaving his clothes behind.

Sources close to the policeman say that since the incident he has gone on leave while the wife has moved out of the matrimonial home.

 All I can say is the policeman came to protect and serve and he accomplished that task very well. SMDH!!!

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