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Well lemme say Happy New Year first & foremost.  This is my 2nd posting for the year but the first one was a very serious kinda ting.  This however will be Skinny behaving normally.  Hope everyone’s year has been going good so far.  I know by now allyuh resolutions have gone flying out the window.  All who was to be in the gym done give dat up in anticipation for their snacks coming up from Trini within the next few days. All who say the quit smoking…..probably puffing all now.  All who said they were gonna quit drinking, done get drunk in somebody party or lime already.  Those who said they go lose a lil weight…..still fat as shit…We be knowing.

Anyhow, so I’m sure allyuh watch de picture and say those are some nice shoes, what the hell is Skinny gonna say bout this?  I think the shoes are beautiful and the lady wearing them looks very sexy & elegant. Well I really don’t like the fact she has on stockings with it but I couldn’t find any other pic, I searched hard.  Here is my issue.

So last night, just like most days that end with the letter “Y”, I went and buss a lil lime in Footprints just to clear my brain and take a lil sip or 4.  I was sitting in my regular seat which is in direct eye view of everything & everyone that enters the establishment.  Now, I remember when I was walking to Footprints I was saying to myself  “Damn it’s pretty effin cold outside”.  So as I sat down eating my Rasta Pasta & drinking my Long Island Ice Tea I was looking around the place & first thing i noticed was how big most of those females in there heads were. I mean like WTF.  So I ran on Instagram and asked a quesiton real quick. But that’s not the basis of this posting.  This is about my 2nd problem.

Now remember I said it was BRICK ASS last night.  Ladies,  what in de fowl foot allyuh does be thinking wearing open toe & open heel shoes in that kinda weather.  I also realized last night that I’ve been actually seeing this for the past couple of years in parties too.  See I was told by my parents from small to wear socks, especially in de winter.  I learned in school that your foot & head are places that are susceptible for the flu virus to enter yuh body.  These young chicks could barely keep STD’s out their body and they wanna wear open toe shoes?  Their immune systems done messed up already.  But what I tryna understand is why though?  I does have on Timberlands & polo boots with sherling lining in it and my foot does be freezing.  Then too, de cold does cause lil dryness right.  So now yuh toes look like yuh punt kick a powder bottle & yuh heel looking like a old yam outside Green Acres.

Winter have a different sexy than summer.  Yes in the summer we men like to see SOME of allyuh in yuh lil skimpy outfits & naughty shorts & ting.  But in the winter?  Ladies listen. Ain’t nothing sexier than a woman in a tall dress boots (not them cheap Charlotte Russe looking ting), some tights, one ah dem long sweaters that barely covering yuh bumsee & yuh hair and make up on point.  Now that is sexy.  Or even if we cant see yuh outfit.  A dress boots & a trench or log dress coat….JAHHHHHHHHH.  But right now yuh outside squeezing the top of yuh coat closed but yuh toes big and bright outside, dat making sense?

I just tryna help allyuh out.  That open toe/open back shoe thing only cute to other chicks.  So unless thats the team yuh playing for, I just tryna put a lil buzz in allyuh ear.  Yuh really look dumb as shit. No other way to put it.  What does be de greatest in when I see allyuh in line for a party and I say “Whappen Babes, yuh looking cold” & allyuh response is “Hell yeah Skinny, and my feet freezing” and I look down and see your bright orange toe nail polish hailing me up. I does just think…Look At This C*nt.  Doh say I eh give allyuh a lil tip.

BTW, this storm Nemo supposedly coming. Allyuh please be safe if it really hits us very hard.  And to those in Trinidad that feel the bussing style on us….we praying for a snow storm next week & the week after too so allyuh could get stuck down there.  And then I will be posting your employment information cuz I know there’s gonna be some job vacancies available.  Haul allyuh ass! Anyhow, ah gone. Lata!


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5 Responses so far.

  1. Neeks says:

    LMAOOOOOOOO @ “So now yuh toes look like yuh punt kick a powder bottle & yuh heel looking like a old yam outside Green Acres.” AND “I look down and see your bright orange toe nail polish hailing me up.” *DEAD*

    Ah doh wear heels anyway, so I know you could never be talking about me. But I so feel you on wearing sh*t appropriate for the weather. And those shoes are unrealistically sexy because no woman in they right mind can last two minutes in a shoe with a heel that high and no platform under the forefoot. Bunions would be SCREAMING down the place!

  2. Skinny says:

    LOL. Neeks. Yuh eh see I say i couldn’t find a better pic. But it served its purpose. LMAO

  3. Sherzel says:

    Hmmmm skinny but I wear open toes shoes to, but my ride does drop me in front the event … Lol

  4. Skinny says:

    Sherzel, you have to wear open toe shoes. you does have all kinda butterflies and bumblebees elevating off yuh toe nails. LMAO

  5. Neeks says:

    I can’t with you, Skinnaz. LOL

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