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In my opinion, the inability to turn a blind eye is the reason some of us are still single. Sometimes I ask myself, (usually after an argument) can I let anything slide?

I think sometimes we have to ‘turn a blind eye’, to keep the peace in relationships and as they say, choose our battles wisely. We simply cannot go to war over everything and I’m not just talking about lies and deception. I’m also referring to things your partner might do to annoy you, or come across insensitive at times.

I believe in relationships we have to learn to cut each other some slack and give our partners as much room for error, as we ourselves would like to be given. To be allowed to go out, have fun, be individuals, make mistakes, bad judgment and have privacy. Yes, I said it, privacy, a word not a lot of couples can relate to six months into their relationship, it seems like that and common courtesy go out the window; in what I can only describe as merging two lives together. If you think about that concept for a minute, it’s not an easy thing to achieve and many of us lose sight of ourselves when emotions get involved and completely lose control, the majority of us begin to act totally out of character, leaving the other person to perhaps question themselves about this person they are dating.

My only problem with turning a blind eye, is that in the past when I’ve done it, I’ve lived to regret it, and ended up staying way too long in relationships that should have died and been buried a long time ago. Missing all the obvious red flags; is a huge downside to this, especially if you’re getting into a new relationship. However, I believe that every failed relationship, prepares us for the success of another and that even if the next one fails, whatever we didn’t get right can be corrected in the next. A chance to change; to understand ourselves and others, to grow, to love, to lose, to learn, to hurt and heal. To be ready for the one, the person we simply cannot live without, who connects the dots and makes us feel complete. A ‘soul mate’ type lover and friend who we hope to spend our lives with.

The truth is though, in any relationship we must learn to compromise, be understanding and respectful of each other and the fact that nobody is perfect, we are all different and we all think differently, we expect different things and the only way to achieve any level of understanding is to communicate effectively, by listening, being clear and of course at times ‘turning a blind eye’.

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  1. Joyce says:

    You write so hotlsney about this. Thanks for sharing!

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