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One of the highlights of my trip in St. Maarten was having a drink at The Sunset Bar & Grill. You can enjoy an ice cold beer as a huge KLM Jumbo Jet soars right over your head which is one of the most amazing things to hear and see. As I walked up to order a drink a huge KLM Jumbo Jet passed over us as shown below at my perfect picture timing.

You would think this would be exciting enough for me, until my friend told me to take my shirt off and we will get free drinks. Of course I laughed thinking this was a joke and I was told to look up and read and I saw this:

Still thinking this was a joke and it was just an eye catching sign above the bar, I looked around and saw this lady getting free drinks GALORE looking like this:

As I watch her get free drinks and become very tipsy at the bar, I was pissed at myself that my top was still on and wasn’t as drunk as her looking pissed like this:

So next time I’m in St. Maarten and I visit this bar because I will definitely go back, I am getting drunk for FREE!!!!  Sunset Bar & Grill is definitely ROCKSTAR Approved and I recommend it to anyone that visits, not only for the jumbo jets over your head attraction but also for some boob attraction as well.


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    Looks fun i want to drink free to

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