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Good day CaribWall ppl.  Hope everyone had a Happy & Festive Thanksgiving with their friends, family members & loved ones.   Now that we got all the formalities out of the way, let’s talk a lil bit please.  One of the most beautiful things in the world is when a is expecting.  I remember, especially when she was pregnant with my youngest son, it was the most beautiful I probably have ever seen my kids mother.  The glow that was radiating from her was beautiful.  Some of my good friends looked amazing while they were pregnant.  I mean some of allyuh nose does spread a lil bit and yes you put on weight, but just the thought of a lil human being inside of you makes you beautiful.  You are bringing Gods gift into this world…..which honestly to me is the only reason God would torture us men and create the female species…LOL, just playing eh!

So what I’m tryna understand is this.  WHY THE HELL DO I SEE PREGNANT WOMEN IN PARTIES?????  What the F@&K do some of allyuh be thinking?  Where is this retarded pregnant chick’s Baby Daddy?  Where are her friends to ask her exactly what de mudda c&nt she doing?  Why is the security not stopping this chick from coming in de party?  From the instant you know you’re  pregnant, all partying must stop.  You are only allowed in house limes and small gatherings.  You was big enough to make thee decision to let a man leggo all his juice inside you so to every action there is a consequence.  Its just a few months and its to secure the safety of your child. If you in a party all now and yuh belly big, what the hell kinda responsible parent you gonna be when the child is actually born?  Then allyuh want to know why when the kid grows up he’s half-retarded, bad as all hell & just plain wayward.  What de ass you expect it to be?

For the safety of yuh unborn child alone you shouldn’t be in a party…..and you damn sure shouldn’t even think about a drink of alcohol.  Fights break out very quickly. There have been shootings in parties.  Chaos erupts and people start running and bumping each other.  I’ve seen people get trampled before.  As you walk in the door of a party you instantly put your child at risk.  And the people that you are with and around are just as responsible for your f*ckery as you are.  Stay yuh c*nt home please. Ah beggin yuh.  You look very pathetic and worthless standing in a party with yuh big ass belly and playing yuh dancing or jumping up.  Also with all the movement it takes to dance to soca & reggae, that shit cyah be healthy for the child any which way.  Just this Saturday night I saw this big bobolee in a party that was to be RAM packed. Luckily the security f*cked up and it didn’t end up being so.  But what de ass she was doing there is beyond me.

Allyuh could say I’m  mean & allyuh could say I’m rough.  I call myself a realist that is willing to show people the errors of their ways cuz like party, music & rum is more important to plenty of allyuh than common sense.  Go ahead and keep partying if yuh want.  Just know when yuh lil bastard, wayward child born & come around me I will leggo one good hard slap in he/she ass eh. Then I will slap you cuz I go remember when you were in a party pregnant with the lil fukka and starting to ruin its life before it was even born.

Anyways, ah gone dey.  For all those that started their Christmas shopping and still doh know what to get me, my sizes are: in Hats 7 1/8th’s, in shirts L/XL depending on the brand, in pants & jeans 32-34 waist & 32-34 inseam, in shoes, boots & sneakers a 10…..oh yeah & magnums cuz…..well you know what I mean. HAHAHAHAHA. Talk to allyuh lata!


See allyuh again soon,

De $hit Talk King




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  1. Rockstar says:

    Did you put your sizes at the end? Really tho? And I just threw up in my mouth with the magnum comment.

  2. Skinny says:

    Thats exactly what you’re supposed to do. We’re family, we doh do that Grenadian & Jewish type shit round here. LMAO. But for all your female friends….they can smile when they read it! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. sherzel says:

    lol lol

  4. Dread 1 says:

    Boy eh watch nah I ain’t believe in violence especially against women but this is one of those occasions that a gyal need to experience the bad hand of sense and sensibility. NO and I repeat NO WOMAN CARRYING MY CHILD GOING NO FETE. You better sit your muddah container home and find a hobby look into knitting or basket weaving, something. I ain’t guh blame woman alone though cause as a man you should know to put ur foot down when it comes to shit like this. The problem though is some ah them man out here bulling a bunch a scally wags so they can’t really stop them. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times EVERYTHING THAT GOOD TO FCUK NOT GOOD TO BREED.

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