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It’s Caribwall pleasure to present our December 2012, Wall Doll Mayoli Sena. If you haven’t seen the wonderful Mayoli you are missing out on the definition of a true Latin beauty. Mayoli illustrates how a combination of Dominican and Puerto Rican should rock out. Her style is confident, her look is daring and her attitude is sassy. It doesn’t matter if Mayoli is in sweat pants or a little black dress her style creates a look every man adores and a true woman appreciates. Her makeup is always flawless to match the flawless features that creates the Doll she truly is. This accessory queen will make a simple jeans shorts look like the hottest pair of shorts to hit the fashion district. Her physique acentuates her style bringing out this latin diva’s sassy jaw dropping look. Congratulations to our Sassy Wall Doll Miss Mayoli Sena!!!!

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  1. Rick says:


  2. Dan says:

    She is nice

  3. www.famousfollowing.com says:

    she’s a straight 10 all the way around, check out her website at http://www.mayolisena.com if you wanna see more like i did lol

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