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Good Day Folks.  So as we all know now the “Greatest Financial Exploitation” on Earth aka Trinidad Carnival is done.  I’ve seen many pictures already.  Some people look absolutely wonderful (even Rockstar looked like a Champ & I stay hating on her), while most just look terrible. Yeah so what, I said it.  I could care less.  Who in the hell told you rolls & bang belly look good?  You look like Mas Gorrila. I guess Iwer knew what he was talking about when he was singing about MASS in de Carnival.  But anyhow, that’s not the purpose of this.  So I leaving it alone from here.  Like yuhself. Look like shit.. Take the jokes. But for me I’m done with that subject.

I always found it funny that Trinidad Carnival pumps & then everything abruptly ends on Ash Wednesday, like ain’t shit happen the weeks before.  But with Ash Wednesday comes Lent.  Well this Lent thing is what I’m gonna be discussing a lil bit.  I, believe it or not, have friends that are Pastors of different denominations.  I have the luxury of having a live in Pastor in my house.  My Brother, who lives right downstairs from me, is a Pastor & one of the biggest students of the Bible that I know.  So Skinny, being my normal inquisitive self, asked my friends and my Brother “What is the Biblical significance of Lent? &  Where in the Bible does it say that this is something that God requires of me?”  From their answers I came to one conclusion:  FOR LENT……I AM GIVING UP LENTING!

So through research I have found out that this is actually not a requirement from God, it’s a requirement created by man?  Created by people who to this day try to sweep under the rug the fact that many of their church leaders hands smell like little boys genitals & booty holes. Nah man I good.  So somebody really wanted me to give up something I readily could not or wouldn’t want to like Sex or Johnnie Walker or Meat or Sex or Gum or Cursing or Sex or Partying….did I mention Sex yet? STEUPS!  Not me and that.  The best part about Lent is that the price of fish normally goes down.  So it’s Fish Broth, Stew Fish, Curry Fish, Steamed Red Snapper….even McDonalds Filet-O-Fish does get beat up during this time cuz I really don’t eat fast food.  But is does be cheap!

I don’t expect you to agree with me. I actually don’t care if you agree with me or not.  I’m not trying to influence your decision on Lent. Give up what you feel to give up. Like I said I GIVE UP LENT for LENT cuz I wouldn’t have wanted to give it up before I got this wonderful info.  Now I can be lawless & worthless like I normally am.  Oh and I know people are like mad sensitive these days about everything so to those Catholics & ppl that love the Pope, I wasn’t trying to pick ting for a debate about  the Catholic church or the Pope when I was talking about the nasty ass child molesting priests. I was simply stating facts that have been in the news for YEARS now. Don’t get yuh bingo bags in a bunch.  Relax.

Oh yeah, & no more or that damn ash dot on my forehead either.  One big ass thumb print on my head like looking like a negro coolie with a ticka. I am good!

Anyhow, ah gone again.  Those in Trini that are flying back to where ever they are going back to, safe travels.  Those who aren’t in Trini but waiting on friends & family to bring ting back from Trini for them….I hope yuh KFC & Pizza spoil on the plane.  Rockstar, yuh ass better have my bottle of Johnnie Platinum & a 6 of Stag in yuh suitcase for me.  Don’t be mad when you come back tho. Being the nice cousin that I am, I went to your house & shoveled all your snow for you last Saturday. But when then I realized I was vex cuz you were in the hot sun, so I opened yuh front door and threw all the snow I shoveled into your living room. Love you Cuz!


De $hit Talk King




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