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Please read this flyer as best you can.  I could not believe this shit when I first saw it and still can’t believe it now that I am posting it here.  The amount of racism, stereotypes & blatant disrespect for this young boy’s murder is absolutely ridiculous.  Sad thing is that this is an event promoted by black people.

This type of Fuckery (excuse de lil language eh) is the reason why we as a people have a hard time going anywhere.  We can’t stand together anymore for the struggle cuz there’s always people looking to capitalize financially off of something.

Every time I even look back up at the flyer while I’m typing this my blood starts to boil.  With shit like this out there, our people are going nowhere fast.

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  1. wally black says:

    This promoter or promoters need to be shot for this dumb shit…i think his mom should sue them because this is just wrong plain and simple.

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